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What do you really desire?

Happy FamilyFamily?    Do you desire to have a family that you can love and be able receive love from? A family that you can have some fun with and celebrate all the holidays with does sound nice.  Do you desire someone to come home to at the end of the work day? It is nice to have a family.

Happy PeopleFriends?    Do you desire to have friends that you can associate with? Maybe it might be someone to  be able to go to the movies, or bowling or shopping with. Friends that you can count on and they can also count on you. It is nice to have friends in your life. I know that I have had to rely on my friends for many things in my life over time.



bag-of-moneyMoney?   Do you desire to have more money in your life? Maybe you would like to buy a house of go on a vacation. You may just desire to have enough money to be able to pay bills and take of your family and live a more healthier and abundant lifestyle. You deserve to have all the money that you want in your life if that is a desire of yours. 


 You can have all of those desires and any other desires that you can think of. 


How are we to think in order to secure our desire?

Thoughts Become Things In Your Life!

Lady Thinking

Start Today Paying Attention To Your Thoughts

Whenever you start thinking lack in any area of your life then that is what you are bringing into your life.  Your thoughts do become things. What you say comes true. Look back a couple of years and whatever you were saying and thinking then is happening now. You create your life with your thoughts and your words. This is an abundance Universe. Look all around you. It is abundant! Our Universe is not lacking and neither should you. Start today thinking abundance. Start today thinking and saying what you want to come into your life.

If you say: I am broke…Then you will be.

If you say: I am on my way to having an abundant life…Then you will be.


Would you like to know how to deliberately create the desires in your life now?

Do you remember the book and the movie The Secret? Well, there were a lot of inspirational speakers in that movie and in the book. There is one man who was invited to be a part of the movie but turned it down. His name is Dr. Robert Anthony.

If you would like to know more about him please visit this page here on my website:

>>> Dr. Robert Anthony Deliberate Creation <<<


Dr. Robert Anthony’s “The Secret Deliberate Creation program is designed specifically for generating life-changing results. I know there are a lot of programs out there. I will not say anything negative about another program because one program may be just fine for one person but for another it may not be for them. That is something that you would know. His program does have very rapid-life changing results that you may be looking for.

He has a money-back guarantee and it is not as expensive as some of the other programs that I have seen. If you are interested then try it out for yourself.


If you want to have more in your life be grateful for what you have now!

One way to bring anything into your life is to be more grateful for what you already have. I have a gratitude journal where I write down everything that I am grateful for. I list anything I want in my journal. Grateful that I am alive, healthy, have good friends and family, clothes to wear, and anything else that comes to my heart.

This is the one way that God the Universe knows that you first appreciate what you have already received and acknowledge it. When someone gives you something you generally always thank them and God the Universe is no different. Appreciation and Gratitude for what he has already given you!

 This is just a video for your inspiration. I hope you enjoy it.

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Best of Wishes to You!





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